Sawai Madhopur – Ranthambore National Park

Visiting Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur fascinates everyone with wonderful sighting of the elusive Tiger. Currently Tiger sightings have been very good to excellent in all the safari zones from 1 to 10. The zone no. 9 is currently closed for tourists due to the highway broadening and construction work going on as it might take approximate an hour to reach the zone from Sawai Madhopur city centre and other areas.

My recent trip to Ranthambore in December 2018 was full of excitement as I had planned to visit to the zones which I have never been to and lot many people do not wish to travel on these zones as they feel that they will not be able to sight any wildlife including the elusive Tiger i.e. zone no. 8, 9 and 10. Fortunately I got the opportunity this time to explore the zone no. 10 which was equally good compared to the other zones. Definitely this zone is little far away from the prominent ones as it took us approx. 45 minutes to reach there and zone no. 9 is the farthest as it is still far away from zone 10.

The Tiger sightings during my recent visit was just fabulous as I sighted a female Tiger named Noor during my first morning safari in zone no. 6. We sighted the animal very close and seemed she was very hungry and moving towards the remains of a Sambhar Deer which was fascinating to see her walk through our Jeeps and the track. She was in front of us for many minutes as we then moved on towards the exit as we were getting late and the park closing hours were nearly approaching.

The afternoon game drive was booked for the zone no. 10 wherein I got the opportunity to sight a male Tiger named Fateh for the first time in the life, the sighting was for a shorter duration but still the encounter for just superb, no words to describe.

The Forest department have made all the Safari bookings online including the current reservation and now the safaris can be booked atleast 365 days in advance which is sad as it will be difficult for the last minute travellers to get a confirmed safari seat particularly in Jeeps. It is definitely an earning mode for the Forest department of Government of India as they receive the safari payments well in advance irrespective of the date of travel and they remain non-refundable or non-adjustable.

The most unfortunate element of this system will be that the guests who have actually booked and the guests who are travelling remains unknown and the vacant seats of the non-travelling guests remain vacant.

Apart from the jungle safaris, my stay with the Ranthambore Regency was just amazing and a truly memorable experience as the staffs and their hospitality is incomparable to the hotels I have ever stayed in India. They deserve 7 stars for their great service and going out of the way to make your stay a memorable one. In fact all my safaris also were booked by them and I got to experience their best of services.

Without any doubt I would greatly recommend Ranthambore Regency as the best hotel in Ranthambore for hospitality and service as I have stayed with many of the other hotels in the past.

For a small family of 10-12 people with kids, their home stay sort of accommodation would suit the best called the Ranthambore Aangan wherein the guests staying their will have a private butler, personalised services with amazing location and amid guava plantations. This is certainly an idea place for family get togethers and people who expect something unique than staying in other modern hotels.

Interestingly the owners of Ranthambore Regency Mr. Ravindra Jain and Mr. Arvind Jain will soon be launching their brand new Luxury property called Sawai Vilas and I can guarantee that this would definitely be a very unique one compared to the other properties in the area. Experience and services would be absolute Top Class.