Majuli Festival in Jorhat, Assam

Majuli festival is celebrated on the banks of the River Luit (Brahmaputra), which is the biggest river island in the world. The festival is held in a region located at a distance of 1.5 kms from Garamur. The festivities start from the 21st November and continue for 4 days and ending on the 24th November each year. 

Majuli is the centre of Assamese civilization and is home to the Neo-Vaishnavite culture for which the state is very renowned. The region is also the melting pot of a number of tribes and races, each of them has its own distinct customs and traditions. However despite the difference in their ethnicity, all of them live in perfect peace and harmony – a unique trait seen only in this part of this world. The island has a large number of monasteries or Satras which represents its Neo-Vaishnavite culture. 

During the festival, cultural programs takes place with the participation of various traditional and classical cultural troupes of Assam and troupes from the rest of the country. In addition to rich cultural heritage of Majuli, the beauty of the surrounding and the splendorous landscape lure tourists to visit the Majuli festival from all corners of the country and the globe. 

The native Assamese and tribal cuisine are a part of the celebrated food festival which is organized during the Majuli Festival. Exhibitions are also organized with the presentation of various Assamese items, specifically designed and prepared by expert artists captured in the single festival of Majuli. The festival displays the rich, art and culture of the state of Assam, the beauty of the region and the richness of the culture are captured in the Majuli Festival. 

Nearest Airport: Jorhat

Nearest Railhead: Jorhat Town

Places to stay: Jorhat (limited hotels available)